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And welcome to a part of my world.


I am an independent filmmaker based in Cape Town, South Africa. I specialize in writing, directing, camerawork and editing. In 2012 I established Roundabout Films, focusing on music videos and live performance videos mainly for the underground music scene in South Africa. Since then, I have worked on over 100 videos for bands from the USA, England, Germany, Italy, Brazil and more. I have also worked in wildlife filmmaking and extensively in cooking videos.


My passions and hobbies include film, music, photography, food, writing, classic novels, wildlife, hiking and travelling. I am particularly drawn to wild open spaces like deserts, which I explore in solitude whenever possible. In 2020 I travelled alone for a month through Namibia. I slept in my 4x4, snapped 35mm film along the way and kept a journal. I am slowly working on a book about this adventure, inspired by the writing of Ernest Hemingway and Jack Kerouac. I also dabble in short story writing and if brave enough, will share some of these stories here.

"You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself." - Alan Watts

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